Current Edition

Current Edition
Fall 2020/Winter 2021
Vol. 45 No. 2/3

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From the Editors


When the first issue of Vol. 45 went to press in May 2020, our country was just beginning to grapple with a global pandemic—on top of entering the home stretch of the 2020 campaign season. At the time, many were still holding out for a (futile) return to “normal” and an end to our divisive and polarizing politics. Here at Collaboration, we decided to enter into deep inquiry: about current events the world over, the future of humanity, and the roles we each fulfill as a collective expression of Integral Yoga. Read more…

Gems from the Collaboration Archive

Living Laboratories of the Life Divine
Debashish Banerji

This essay was given originally as a talk at the 2003 AUM Integral Yoga conference in Los Angeles and elucidates Sri Aurobindo’s justly famous phrase taken from The Life Divine. The reprint serves as the inaugural article for our new series, Gems from the Collaboration Archive, a multiplatform participatory vehicle for collective engagement with Integral Yoga—on the web and around the world. Read more…

Special Feature

Yoga in Crazy Times
Philip Goldberg

Ever since my new book was released in August, I’ve been congratulated on my impeccable timing. What better time for a title like Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times? The truth is, I deserve about as much credit as a gardening shop that sells shovels does when a blizzard hits. The book was conceived this past spring, when life in America was already pretty crazy; the final editing and proofreading were completed this past winter, when the coronavirus was largely confined to Asia and the phrase “shelter-in-place” had not yet been uttered. I’m happy to accept credit for producing a useful book, but I can’t claim to have known just how insane the world would become by the time it was published. Read more…

New! Call for Submissions

American Ecology
What is your integral response to the ecological crisis?

We welcome many kinds of contributions, including community updates, interviews, reflective and educational and experiential essays, poetry, artwork, stories, humor, and reviews. The theme for Winter 2021 invites your works on the contemporary social and environmental currents of the Time-Spirit from a yogic perspective. Deadline to submit is August 1, 2021. Please contact our editorial team for the word count suitable for your contribution prior to submission at Read more…

Call for Designers

Join our team!

We are spearheading the call for fellow creative travelers to join our journal’s design ranks in 2021. If you would like to share your professional design experience with our team, please reach out to us. We cannot underscore enough the importance of prioritizing a robust design team as we move forward with this comprehensive redesign—more artistic hands are needed on deck than ever before, and we’d love for yours to join ours. Get in touch at

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